About BCM

Black Coin Market is a black owned lifestyle and clothing brand. 
We strive to reshape narratives and stereotypes that scar black communities in America (and around the world). 
Through our products, we tell stories to enlighten the world of our profound culture and bring awareness to the everlasting perseverance our communities have shown throughout the course of humanity.
Founded by two Cleveland natives, Black Coin Market was established in 2020. However, it is said that the brand was founded around 2008-09.
While the exact purpose of Black Coin Market is unknown amongst the general public, the consensual idea of BCM is to rebel against ideologies and traditions that discourage the practice of group economics in the black community -- and we figure the best way to do that?
By keeping everything....  Made In A Hood Near You™
Learn more about the founders here, Skoop and Teez.