Black Coin Market is a lifestyle and clothing brand founded in Cleveland, OH. Thru storytelling we strive to reshape bad taste narratives and stereotypes that scar Black neighborhoods in America. With our products and marketing we strive to enlighten the world of our profound Black history and bring awareness to the many examples of Black perseverance, both old and new. It is our commitment to use local resources when feasible, most of our products are proudly Made In A Hood Near You™.
At BCM, we believe the practice of group economics is essential for financial freedom in the Black community. Our mission is to create a social and economical platform for Black entrepreneurs, creatives, brands, and influencers alike to flourish. With the support of tastemakers in our communities, we commit to reclaim our culture for the benefit of our people. Unity is the only path to equality. 
Contact Information:
Cleveland, OH
Phone: (216) 395-4270
Instagram: @blackcoinmarket
Co-Founder: @bcmskoop
Co-Founder: @bcmteez